EPJ Web of Conferences (Jan 2015)

Development of a Millimeter-Wave Beam Position and Profile Monitor for Transmission Efficiency Improvement in an ECRH System

  • Shimozuma T.,
  • Kobayashi S.,
  • Ito S.,
  • Ito Y.,
  • Kubo S.,
  • Yoshimura Y.,
  • Nishiura M.,
  • Igami H.,
  • Takahashi H.,
  • Mizuno Y.,
  • Okada K.,
  • Mutoh T.

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 87
p. 04011


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In a high power Electron Cyclotron Resonance Heating (ECRH) system, a long-distance and low-loss transmission system is required to realize effective heating of nuclear fusion-relevant plasmas. A millimeter-wave beam position and profile monitor, which can be used in a high-power, evacuated, and cooled transmission line, is proposed, designed, manufactured, and tested. The beam monitor consists of a reflector, Peltier-device array and a heat-sink. It was tested using simulated electric heater power or gyrotron output power. The data obtained from the monitor were well agreed with the heat source position and profile. The methods of data analysis and mode-content analysis of a propagating millimeter-wave in the corrugated wave-guide are proposed.