Dini Araştırmalar (Nov 2015)

Dinler Tarihi'ne İlk Modern Türk Katkısı Hikmet Tanyu (1918- 1992)’nun Etnografik Fenomenolojisinin Temelleri

  • Mustafa Alıcı

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 9, no. 26
pp. 123 – 154


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The History of Religions, along with its other functional features, is very interested in the religious ethnology, and so it is considered as “the science of the religious peoples” both in global and local perspectives. This article deals with Hikmet Tanyu (1918- 1992)’s ethnographical phenomenology who is the mentor of the Turkish tradition of the History of Religions and the founder of the environment called “Ecole of Hikmet Tanyu” in the Republican Era. His approach is the original one, dating from the ancient historical roots of all Turkish nation as a whole and dealing with some certain ethnographic phenomena such as “the cult of Celestial Tengri”, “devotional sacrifice”, “stone”, “mount”, “tree”, and “fire”, which are still valid psycho-social facts, in some respect, continuing in the very religio-cultural values of Turkish nation. He also uses philology, comparative mythology and especially comparative historical approaches in order to “classify”, “fix up” and “interpret” them well