The Influence of the Innovation-Investment Activity on the Regional Competitiveness

Bìznes Inform. 2019;4(495):181-188 DOI 10.32983/2222-4459-2019-4-181-188


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Journal Title: Bìznes Inform

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Publisher: Research Centre of Industrial Problems of Development of NAS of Ukraine

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Country of publisher: Ukraine

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Romanko Olga P. – Candidate of Sciences (Economics), Associate Professor, Associate Professor, (Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas)

Bodnaruk Iryna R. (Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas)


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This article for the first time uses economic-statistical methods to research interaction of the innovation-investment activity and competitiveness at the level of region. For the complex research of individual and general influence of competitiveness of region and its innovation-investment activity, the Granger test and correlation-regression analysis are applied. The Granger test gives an opportunity to define causal relationships between the indicators of the innovation-investment activity of region. Pairs of indicators of the innovation-investment regional activity are defined and grouped according to the presence of communication, force and direction of influence. The correlation-regression analysis is used to determine the regional impact of the innovation-investment activity on the competitiveness. The character, closeness of relation and degree of influence of separate innovation-investment indicators on GRP are determined. Based on the actual data of the obtained dependency models of the analyzed indicators, a three-year forecast for the regional management of competitiveness is conducted.