Violence in relation to (im)migrating women in Europe

Athenea Digital. 2008;0(14):299-310 DOI 10.5565/rev/athenea.541


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Anne Van Der Troost (Universidade de Salento)

Sandra Regina Martini Vial (Escola de Saúde Pública do Rio Grande do Sul)


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This text characterizes the situation of (im)migrating women in the European Union. In Europe, in 2006, there was a contingent of 18.5 million (im)migrants coming from Developing Countries, 54% of which were women. (Im)Migrating women suffer vulnerabilities linked to work, to lower political and social participation, higher exposition to violence and sexism. The authors present the current legislation concerned to (im)migration in the 2000-2007 period, showing some integration programs and policies and highlighting the respect to basic human rights.<p>&nbsp;</p>