Ekonomiczne Problemy Turystyki (Jan 2017)

Progi rozwojowe w cyklu życia obszaru turystycznego na przykładzie Wschodniej Dzielnicy Uzdrowiskowej Kołobrzegu

  • Mariusz Miedziński

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 37


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The aim of the study is to indicate the possibility of determining the course of the classic life cycle of the tourist area (TALC) for a small spatial unit which is the Kołobrzeg Eastern Spa District. 40 years ago there was a development of holiday camps and then in their place hotel and sanatorium facilities and apartments were introduced. This process is illustrated in Example I and II of construction line of hotel-sanatorium and apartments on an area of 21 hectares in the immediate vicinity of the beach with a possible further 13 ha development located further away from the beach within the framework of the third construction line. In recent years there has been here an increase in the number of beds from a few hundred to 4000, taking into account further expansion to 9 000 beds. III line of construction may accommodate another 8 000 beds. The possibility of location and scale of the expansion of accommodation facilities in the area are subject to the availability of beaches and their surface which is attributable to 1 holiday-maker (approx. 10 m2/person). The article included the change of management and capacity of accommodation as well as significant physiographic, spatial, functional, communication and urban limitations. On the basis of the urban ratio adopted in the zoning plan (500 persons/ha) as well as the target capacity of the beaches by the availability of 10 m2 for 1 person, development thresholds for the tourism area were indicated and the course of modified life cycle threshold of the tourist area (TTALC) was set. The proposed modification in the earlier publications of the classic TALC to TTALC once again found its confirmation and the result of the study is to prove that for small but intensely developed tourist areas it is possible to determine the thresholds of development and it is reasonable to use the so-called threshold life cycle of the tourist area (TTALC).