Animal Nutrition (Dec 2022)

Nano-selenium alleviates cadmium-induced cerebellar injury by activating metal regulatory transcription factor 1 mediated metal response

  • Shao-Shuai Bi,
  • Milton Talukder,
  • Hai-Tao Jin,
  • Mei-Wei Lv,
  • Jing Ge,
  • Cong Zhang,
  • Jin-Long Li

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 11
pp. 402 – 412


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This study aims to investigate the role of metal regulatory transcription factor 1 (MTF1)-mediated metal response in cadmium (Cd)-induced cerebellar injury, and to evaluate the antagonistic effects of nano-selenium (Nano-Se) against Cd toxicity. A total of 80 chicks (1 d old, male, Hy-Line Variety White) were randomly allocated to 4 treatment groups for 3 months: the control group (fed with a basic diet, n = 20), the Nano-Se group (basic diet with 1 mg/kg nano-Se 1 mg/kg Nano-Se in basic diet, n = 20), the Nano-Se + Cd group (basic diet with 1 mg/kg Nano-Se and 140 mg/kg CdCl2, n = 20) and the Cd group (basic diet with 140 mg/kg CdCl2 , n = 20). The results of the experiment showed that the Purkinje cells were significantly decreased with their degradation and indistinct nucleoli after Cd exposure. Moreover, exposure to Cd caused a significant accumulation of Cd and cupper. However, the contents of Se, iron, and zinc were decreased, thereby disturbing the metal homeostasis in the cerebellum. The Cd exposure also resulted in high levels of malondialdehyde (MDA) and down regulation of selenoprotein transcriptome. Furthermore, the expressions of MTF1, metallothionein 1 (MT1), MT2, zinc transporter 3 (ZNT3), ZNT5, ZNT10, zrt, irt-like protein 8 (ZIP8), ZIP10, transferrin (TF), ferroportin 1 (FPN1), ATPase copper transporting beta (ATP7B), and copper uptake protein 1 (CTR1) were inhibited by Cd exposure. However, all these changes were significantly alleviated by the supplementation of Nano-Se. This study proved that Cd could disorder metal homeostasis and induce oxidative stress, whereas Nano-Se could relieve all these negative effects caused by Cd via activating the MTF1-mediated metal response in the cerebellum of chicken.