Nanomaterials (2018-11-01)

Polarization Controllable Device for Simultaneous Generation of Surface Plasmon Polariton Bessel-Like Beams and Bottle Beams

  • Peizhen Qiu,
  • Taiguo Lv,
  • Yupei Zhang,
  • Binbin Yu,
  • Jiqing Lian,
  • Ming Jing,
  • Dawei Zhang

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 8, no. 12
p. 975


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Realizing multiple beam shaping functionalities in a single plasmonic device is crucial for photonic integration. Both plasmonic Bessel-like beams and bottle beams have potential applications in nanophotonics, particularly in plasmonic based circuits, near field optical trapping, and micro manipulation. Thus, it is very interesting to find new approaches for simultaneous generation of surface plasmon polariton Bessel-like beams and bottle beams in a single photonic device. Two types of polarization-dependent devices, which consist of arrays of spatially distributed sub-wavelength rectangular slits, are designed. The array of slits are specially arranged to construct an X-shaped or an IXI-shaped array, namely X-shaped device and IXI-shaped devices, respectively. Under illumination of circularly polarized light, plasmonic zero-order and first-order Bessel-like beams can be simultaneously generated on both sides of X-shaped devices. Plasmonic Bessel-like beam and bottle beam can be simultaneously generated on both sides of IXI-shaped devices. By changing the handedness of circularly polarized light, for both X-shaped and IXI-shaped devices, the positions of the generated plasmonic beams on either side of device can be dynamically interchanged.