Giornale italiano di educazione alla salute, sport e didattica inclusiva (Dec 2018)

Integrated Motor Activities and Autism Spectrum Disorder: Biodanza Srt and Multisystem Water Therapy (Mwt)

  • Roberta Rosa,
  • Vittoria Molisso

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 2, no. 4


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This contribution aims to outline the Biodanza SRT and the MWT as innovative strategies among the educational-di- dactic proposals for people with Autism Spectrum disorder who, throughintegrated systemic-relational approaches to body mediation, determine the increase of psychological, motor, emotional relational well-being, and the im- provement of the Quality of Life (QoL). Conceiving ground and water motor activity in inclusive terms means real- izing valid paths of integrated motor activity adapted to the special educational characteristics and needs of people with autism, thus recognizing their indispensable human, educational, inclusive and social value.