Application of Lean Management in modern management public administration

Journal of Modern Science. 2018;37(2):203-2018 DOI 10.13166/jms/89777


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Journal Title: Journal of Modern Science

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Paweł Romaniuk (Wydział Prawa i Administracji, Uniwersytet Warmińsko-Mazurski w Olsztynie)


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Objectives The aim of the paper is to identify possible ways of applying the Lean Management concept in the everyday functioning of public administration, still underestimated and uncovered. Information related to the current trend will be discussed, which in the future will change the image of the public administration, indicating it as economical and modern. Material and methods The analysis will be based on the assessment of available literature along with possible ways of implementing Lean Management in the public administration. Qualitative research methods have been used in the study, which have assumed the idiographic character. In this case, the author's close contact with some public entities was open to any new ideas related to the implementation of the Lean Management concept. Results With the Lean Management concept, new opportunities are emerging for the implementation of lean management in the operation of the entire public sector. Referring to the possibilities of implementing this concept, proposals for the application of new tools for public administration management will be presented. Conclusions The discussed Lean Management concept can be a starting point for discussing the potential for more active implementation of its ideas to the public sector. However, the theoretical reflections provided in the text, however, provide a possibility for their practical application in the future to improve public administration, protect its resources and implement a sound policy of savings, involving all employees in this process.