Aspects of the feeding and population structure of Leporinus piau Fowler, 1941 (Actinopterygii, Characiformes, Anostomidae) of Taperoá II Dam, semi arid region of Paraíba, Brazil

Biotemas. 2010;23(2):101-110


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Journal Title: Biotemas

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Ana Karla Araujo Montenegro

Jane Enisa Ribeiro Torelli

Randolpho Sávio de Araújo Marinho

Maria Cristina Crispim

Malva Isabel Medina Hernandez


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The aim of this research was to determine the population structure, weight-length relationship and sexual ratio of Leporinus piau. It also attempted to evaluate the relationship between the alimentary activity and the reproductive period, and to identify the diet and alimentary regimen. Six collections were made in the months of October and December of 2005 and March, June, August and October of 2006, using casting, seining and gill nets. Some specimens were sent to the UFPB Ichthyological Collection. The 89 collected individuals presented lengths varying from 6.2cm to 22cm. The growth of the species was of the negative allometric type. There was a significant predominance of males. The alimentary diet of L. piau was apparently variable, suggesting omnivorousness.