Revista Katálysis (Jun 2010)

The Political Representation of Women in Public Policy Management Councils

  • Lígia Helena Hahn Lüchmann,
  • Carla Cecília Rodrigues Almeida

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 13, no. 1
pp. 86 – 94


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This work raises some hypotheses to explain the significant presence of women on public policy management councils, which are spaces for discussion and deliberation of policies that have been implemented in Brazil in recent decades. The data about the profile of representatives on these spaces indicates a situation inversely proportional to the low degree of political inclusion of women in traditional spaces of political representation – executive positions, city councils, and state legislatures. There is thus a need to develop new analytical tools to understand the phenomenon of political representation. The data also question a reductive perspective of action and politics, which concludes that there is a low degree of political inclusion of women.