Antarctic Record (Mar 1981)

Distribution of the surface chlorophyll α along the course of the FUJI to and from Antarctica in 1979-1980

  • Atsushi Tanimura

Journal volume & issue
no. 72
pp. 35 – 48


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The measurements of chlorophyll α concentration in the surface sea water were carried out at 216 stations along the route of the icebreaker FUJI from November 1979 to April 1980. This observation was conducted as a part of the routine works of marine biological program of the Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition (JARE). The geographical distribution of chlorophyll α resembled the results obtained by the previous JARE investigators. High chlorophyll α concentrations were observed in the Southern Ocean and also in the areas adjacent to the landmass. In the Southern Ocean, the chlorophyll α concentration fluctuated from 0.06mg/m^3 to 2.89mg/m^3. The chlorophyll α was high and fluctuated particularly near the Subtropical Convergence, the Australasian Subantarctic Front, the Antarctic Convergence and in the pack-ice region along the Antarctic coast. To study the distribution of chlorophyll α and its correlation to the oceanographical conditions, a two-hour interval observation was carried out from 34°S and 60°S along 110°E on the southward leg. The more detailed information on chlorophyll α distribution was obtained, although the data are still insufficient to explain clearly the relation between them.