Metals (Mar 2018)

The Influence of Cu Addition on Dispersoid Formation and Mechanical Properties of Al-Mn-Mg 3004 Alloy

  • Zhen Li,
  • Zhan Zhang,
  • X.-Grant Chen

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 8, no. 3
p. 155


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The effect of Cu addition on dispersoid precipitation, mechanical properties and creep resistance was investigated in an Al-Mn-Mg 3004 alloy. The addition of Cu promoted dispersoid precipitation by increasing the number density and decreasing the size of dispersoids. Metastable β′-Mg2Si and Q-AlCuMgSi precipitates were observed during the heating process and both could provide favorable nucleation sites for dispersoid precipitation. The addition of Cu improved the thermal stability of dispersoids during a long-term thermal holding at 350 °C for 500 h. Results of mechanical testing show that the addition of Cu remarkably improved the hardness at room temperature, as well as the yield strength and creep resistance at 300 °C, which was mainly attributed to dispersoid strengthening and Cu solid solution strengthening. The yield strength contribution at 300 °C was quantitatively evaluated based on the dispersoid, solid solution and matrix contributions. It was confirmed that dispersoid strengthening is the main strengthening mechanism in the experimental alloys.