EPJ Web of Conferences (2019-01-01)

Analog and Digital Signal Processing for Pressure Source Imaging at 190 MeV Proton Beam

  • Vallicelli Elia A.,
  • Riva Michele,
  • Zannoni Mario,
  • Baschirotto Andrea,
  • De Matteis Marcello

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 216
p. 04003


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Oncological hadron therapy utilizes a beam of charged particles to destroy the tumor cells, exploiting the particular deposition curve that allow minimum damage to the surrounding healty tissues compared to traditional radiotherapy. Sulak and Hayakawa’s works have shown the applicability of this technique in clinical scenarios, but the lack of dedicated electronics for this type of experiments affects the spatial resolution that can be obtained with this technique [1]. This work presents an integrated analog front-end dedicated to ionoacoustic experiments that allows to estimate the position of the Bragg Peak with an average deviation of 1% with respect to the real position.