Journal of Education and Health Promotion (2020-01-01)

Educational concern of surgical technology students in the operating room: A grounded theory study

  • Roghayeh Zardosht,
  • Hossein Karimi Moonaghi,
  • Mohammad Etezad Razavi,
  • Soleiman Ahmady

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 9, no. 1
pp. 58 – 58


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INTRODUCTION: Bachelor's program in surgical technology is a major of medical science, in Iran. Learning and adapting to different skills and roles in the operation room environment is a daunting work. The complexity of this environment needs to bring together researchers in this field to work on different aspects. The aim of this qualitative study was comprehensively understanding of clinical teaching process in surgical technology. MATERIALS AND METHODS: The present study was conducted based on the qualitative research design of the grounded theory approach (Corbin and Strauss, 2008). This study was conducted at schools of nursing and paramedical in five academic settings. Study participants in the present study include 14 students, seven educational instructors, six staff of operation room, one dean of faculty, three surgeon assistants, one instructor, and four head nurses of operation room. A semi-structured interview method and a memo were conducted using theoretical and purposive sampling. Constant comparative analysis was used for data analysis. RESULTS: Findings showed that the nonacceptance of student by surgical team was identified as the main concern of the students. The “gaining clinical competence and approval” was found the central process (strategy) in response to main concern of clinical education, and the “interactive and dynamic nature of the operation room environment” was defined as the context for this major concern. Strategies that students used to address this concern included individual efforts to overcome distrust, learning in the shadow of surgical team members, and seeking help and support of the instructor. CONCLUSION: Accepting the students of surgical technology as a member of surgical team creates opportunities for students to learn, gain experience, and enhance their professional qualifications and abilities.