Verbum Vitae (Dec 2008)

Władza Jezusa nad życiem i śmiercią

  • Ryszard Zawadzki

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 14


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The topie expressed in the title is explained throughout the artide in three aspects which correspond to the main points. The first one is the issue o f the source o f the authority of Jesus. Just as the Father gives to Jesus the mission of salvation, He likewise empowers Him with the authority to complete this task. Another point is the uniqueness ofthe authority of Jesus. He alone bas the power to govem not only the life and death o f all humani ty, but also His own. It is accomplished through the Resurrection. The finał aspect of our reflection is the delegation of Jesus' authority over life and death to his discip l es, w ho are sent by Him to continue His mission. This authority and mission originated by the Father, continues through Jesus in the community ofhis believers.