Meluzyna: dawna literatura i kultura (Jan 2015)

Wpływ egzemplów barokowych na wyobraźnię twórczą Anny Mostowskiej na przykładzie powieści Zamek Koniecpolskich oraz Matylda i Daniło

  • Dorota Vincůrková

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 2


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The article compares the novels Zamek Koniecpolskich and Matylda i Daniło by Anna Mostowska(ca. 1762– before 1833) with the Baroque Jesuit exempla collected in Historie dziwne i straszliwe.The Jesuit stories from early XVIII century were edited by Mariusz Kazańczuk. The novelsby the Vilnius writer and the Baroque exempla share similarities in presenting the fictional world:the scenery of the events and the characters. The ghosts in Mostowska’s stories have the featuresof the so called ‘returning ghosts’ who come down to the world to ask the living for the prayers.These phantoms appear in the Jesuit texts as well as in Zamek Koniecpolskich and Matylda i Daniło.The ghosts of Władysław and Edgwarda are related to the teachings of the Catholic Church(intensified after the Council of Trent) regarding the purgatory and the penance. Mostowska’s sources of inspirations were diverse. She was inspired with the Western Gothic stories (e.g. The Monk by Matthew Gregory Lewis, The Castle of Otranto by Horace Walpole and The Italian byAnn Radcliffe) as well as religious didactics.