Applied Medical Informatics (Dec 2010)

Risk Profile in a Sample of Patients with Breast Cancer from the Public Health Perspective

  • Sorina IRIMIE,
  • Mariana VLAD,
  • Ileana Maria MIREŞTEAN,
  • Ovidiu BĂLĂCESCU,
  • Carmen LISENCU,
  • Emil PUSCAŞ,
  • Bogdan FETICA,
  • Patriciu ACHIMAŞ,
  • Loredana BĂLĂCESCU,
  • Alexandru IRIMIE

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 27, no. 4
pp. 21 – 30


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Cancer represents a major public health and economical burden in developed countries and has emerged as a major public health problem in developing countries, matching its effect in industrialized nations. Although there have been recent declines in breast cancer mortality rates in some European Union countries, breast cancer remains of key importance to public health in Europe. Now days there is increasing recognition of the causative role of lifestyle factors, as smoking, diet, alcohol consumption, or lake of physical activity. The present study aimed to appreciate the presence and magnitude of modifiable risk factors for breast cancer in a sample of patients diagnosed with the disease, and to outline a risk profile liable to be changed in the intention of reducing the global risk. Risk factors have been investigated in 65 patients diagnosed with breast cancer using a questionnaire for breast cancer risk factors evaluation. The high risk profile was identified as taking shape for urban environment, modulated by the impact of overweight-obesity, smoking, reproductive factors and environmental exposure to different chemical substances. From the public health perspective, the control of overweight and obesity comes out in the foreground of preventive activities. Public health approaches emphasize on inexpensive, practical methods and in this perspective the approach of obesity should focus on the alteration of environmental context, promoting healthy eating and increased physical activity which could have a positive, independent impact on breast cancer risk