Frontiers in Psychology (Apr 2022)

The Nexuses Between Social Media Marketing Activities and Consumers’ Engagement Behaviour: A Two-Wave Time-Lagged Study

  • Yunfeng Shang,
  • Hina Rehman,
  • Khalid Mehmood,
  • Aidi Xu,
  • Yaser Iftikhar,
  • Yifei Wang,
  • Ridhima Sharma

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 13


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This study examined how social media marketing activities (SMMA) influence consumers’ engagement behaviour in developing countries. Based on the stimulus-organism-response theory, we examined the effect of SMMA on consumers’ engagement intention and further investigated the moderating effect of social media sales intensity. The study employed a time-lagged design with two waves to confirm the hypothesised framework. The study findings showed that SMMA positively influence consumers’ engagement intention and engagement behaviour. In addition, social media sales intensity strengthens the link between engagement intention and engagement behaviour. This study adds to the literature on social media and discusses its practical implications.