Business: Theory and Practice (2019-05-01)

An investigation the main internal brand crisis antecedents

  • Bich Ngoc Do,
  • Tuan Phong Nham,
  • Tuyet-Mai Nguyen

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 20


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To enrich literature of brand crisis causes regards internal perspective, this paper investigates internal brand shortage as crisis antecedents provoking brand fire consequently. Phenomenological approach is adopted using in-depth interviews, key-note seminar and validating by case studies analysis, internal brand crises antecedents were explored based on insights taken from experts in marketing and branding industry. Drafting from the phenomenological research, there are six problems leading to crisis found as follows: lack of human-centred strategy, lack of crisis prevention, lack of market understanding, lack of leadership and management skill, lack of innovation, and lack of quality assurance. These internal antecedents which accumulate to both performance-related and value-related brand crisis. This paper can have explicit implications for marketer, branders and managers, understanding these drivers and its occurrence, business managers are able to scan and analyses crisis situation faster to form timely response to crisis.