Ekonomska Istraživanja (Dec 2021)

Insights into rising environmental concern: prompt corporate social responsibility to mediate green marketing perspective

  • Mo Zhang,
  • Phan The Cong,
  • Shouvik Sanyal,
  • Wanich Suksatan,
  • Apichit Maneengam,
  • Natasha Murtaza

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 0, no. 0
pp. 1 – 17


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Green investment is a trending marketing strategy that has been endorsed as a prominent financial actor due to the growing environmental issues and business sustainability. With the introduction of green and climate bonds in the last decade, the investment in eco-friendly projects has been deemed a paradigm shift. China has been a pioneer in introducing green and climate bonds, setting a precedent for green investment in the global market. Following the green strategy, therefore, the main aim of this study is to examine the importance of green investment and green marketing for enhancing business performance. Besides, this study has also examined the critical mediating role of CSR. Data were collected from 619 respondents from Chinese manufacturing companies via questionnaires. This study employed the structural equation modeling (SEM) technique to test hypotheses in Smart PLS software. This study revealed that green marketing strategy and green investment positively complement the CSR of companies and their business performance. Moreover, results also showed that CSR plays a significant mediating rolein enhancing business performance positively by stimulating the targeted relationships. With the ascendency of being environment friendly, this study will also be a powerful magnet for practitioners and policymakers.