Des « estoires vraies ». Réflexions sur l’institution royale au miroir de quelques Romans de la seconde moitié du XIIe siècle

Droit et Cultures. 2013;66:203-227


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Journal Title: Droit et Cultures

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Françoise Pont-Bournez


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During that brilliant period of the Renaissance, «erudite clerks» took possession of the tree sources from «France, Bretagne and Rome the Great». Fortified by the certainty that «no one should conceal his Knowledge» they intend to make it available to a wide audience, and thus, they use «Romance language». Doing that, those «Roman-writers» are able to attract the attention of Dames and Knights, when they offer them different aspects of a particular «Royal Model»; And that court audience does not fail recognize and accept the institutional structure of the Capetian Government, proposed in that way.