Colloquia Theologica Ottoniana (Jan 2013)

Drugi Sobór Watykański – próba kontekstualnej interpretacji historycznej

  • Jan Walkusz

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Vol. 1


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Awareness of unfi nished the First Vatican Council in 1870, generated on the one hand in the offi cial church factors wish of its continuation, on the other hand, some thought that the whole chain of events from the category of legislative, doctrinal, requires did not need. Nevertheless, from the pontifi cate of Pius X, the Holy See had made preparations for the next council, and although most of them in this matter did Pius XII, eventually abandoned thoughts of the council. However, quite unexpectedly decided for him, John XXIII and Paul VI, he continued. The result of the work of the council proved to be impressive, what they also had a substantial share of the Polish bishops, mostly Polish Primate Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski and Cardinal Karol Wojtyła. Generally speaking – the work of the council was a comprehensive renovation (reform) Church, ecumenical openness to dialogue and expressive self-determination of the Church.