Bìznes Inform (2016-03-01)

Approaches to Substance of Social Infrastructure and to Its Classification

  • Kyrychenko Sergiy О. –

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 3
pp. 13 – 17


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The article is concerned with studying and analyzing approaches to both substance and classification of social infrastructure objects as a specific constellation of subsystems and components. To address the purpose set, the following tasks have been formulated: analysis of existing methods for determining the classification of social infrastructure; classification of the branches of social infrastructure using functional-dedicated approach; formulation of author's own definition of substance of social infrastructure. It has been determined that to date most often a social infrastructure classification is carried out depending on its functional tasks, although there are other approaches to classification. The author's definition of substance of social infrastructure has been formulated as follows: social infrastructure is a body of economy branches (public utilities, management, public safety and environment, socio-economic services), the purpose of which is to impact on reproductive potential and overall conditions of human activity in the spheres of work, everyday living, family, social-political, spiritual and intellectual development as well as life activity.