Psychology in Russia: State of Art (2014-07-01)

Methods of dichotic listening as a research methodology for hemispheric interaction.

  • Kovyazina M.S.,
  • Roshchina E.I.

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 7, no. 2
pp. 64 – 72


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Experimental data was obtained from a dichotic listening test by patients with unilateral brain lesions and corpus callosum pathology (agenesis, cysts, degenerative changes, etc). Efficiency index analysis shows that interhemispheric interaction in the audioverbal sphere depends to a greater extent on the right hemisphere state. The dichotic listening technique is not an informative means of studying hemispheric interaction, since it does not allow a clear distinction between hemispheric symptoms and symptoms of pathology of the corpus callosum. Thus, violations of hemispheric relations caused by disorders of the corpus callosum and cerebral hemispheres change worth more right hemisphere activity.