The Person and the Challenges. The Journal of Theology, Education, Canon Law and Social Studies Inspired by Pope John Paul II (Apr 2013)

Faith According to Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger

  • Wojciech Zyzak

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 3, no. 1
pp. 139 – 155


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The subject of this article is faith according to Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, the present Pope Benedict XVI. At the beginning the author presents the Cardinal’s diagnosis of the state of faith in the contemporary world. Joseph Ratzinger shows both positive and negative features of this state. After having presented the sociological aspect, the author deals with the essence of the faith according to Ratzinger. The further analysis concern the sacramental dimension of the Christian faith. Because the real faith is necessarily the faith of the Church, the article also indicates its communion dimension. The author additionally discusses a very important topic concerning the relation of faith to reason and truth. At the end of the article the reader can find the teaching of Cardinal about the relation between faith and history.