Akofena (Mar 2024)

The Stimulus and Response in the Text for the ancient Critics, the Technical Standard in Al-Jahiz's criticism of Abu Nawas' Poetry as a Model

  • Wahida NIDD & Muhammad Al-Saeed BEN SAED

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 04, no. 011


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Abstract: This research aims to look at the ancient critical discourse and its aesthetic tendency, so that we want to reach the most important mechanisms of literary work such as the standards of stimulus and response in criticism. We also mainly aim to reveal taste and judgment of artistic works. Our goal was to shed light on the ethical standards in evaluating literary texts. And the standards of casting, the quality of description, and the standards of musical rhythm. We have concluded that ancient critics used ethical standards in casting texts. We also tried to extract the stimulus and response in the texts of the ancients in particular. Keywords : Stimulus, response, critics, ancients, art, texts.