BIO Web of Conferences (Jan 2021)

Formation of the psychological mobilisation state to achieve one’s best sporting result

  • Gilev Gennady Andreevich,
  • Vladykina Vasilisa Vladimirovna,
  • Semenova Marina Alexandrovna,
  • Chernov Yuriy Igorevich,
  • Gladkov Vadim Nikolaevich

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 29
p. 01009


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During the training process before the competition, the athlete often shows a high result similar to, and sometimes exceeding, his previously achieved record. However, in the conditions of the following competitive activity, especially in tough sports competition, there is a decrease in effectiveness. This circumstance is often explained by a poor shape of a sportsman. While a more correct objective indicator of the decrease in effectiveness during the competition, as many experts claim, is the psycho-pedagogical mobilisation unpreparedness of an athlete. The aim of this research was to mobilise the strong-willed qualities of highly qualified swimmers, which allow a sportsman to demonstrate his or her best or equal to previously achieved sporting results during important competitions, involving psychological and pedagogical methods. During the implementation of this goal, methods helping to form person’s strongwilled qualities were used, including psychological and pedagogical methods. The results were obtained. They positively characterize applied psychological and pedagogical methods, which effectiveness was proved by the higher level of record achievements shown by the overwhelming majority of participants in the pedagogical experiment during the competitive activities implementation, as well as in the moral and volitional state rise when overcoming the competitive distance. It has been shown that the use of psychological and pedagogical activities together with autotraining contributes to the formation of an internal mood, the state of assemblage and eagerness to achieve one’s best result.