Energies (Jun 2021)

Innovation in Start-Up Business Model in Energy-Saving Solutions for Sustainable Development

  • Bogdan Wit,
  • Piotr Dresler,
  • Anna Surma-Syta

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 14, no. 12
p. 3583


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Socially expected innovations are innovations considering sustainable development. The subject of the paper focuses on the business model of a start-up providing energy saving services to local government units using smart technologies of Industry 4.0 in the aspect of low touch economy. A methodical critical literature review including quantitative and qualitative assessment, stakeholder analysis and business modeling techniques using Business Model Canvas and Triple Layer Business Model Canvas (TLBMC) was conducted. In addition, an in-depth analysis of a start-up case study was conducted. The research questions are related to the interpretation of the organization’s business data and methods of interpreting Sustainability 3.0 business solutions. The research questions were directed to the challenges regarding the creation of the organization’s sustainable business model architecture and the Business Sustainability 3.0 sustainable business imaging concept. The research objective is to design a sustainable business model of a start-up providing energy-efficient services to local government units, whose value proposition refers to an extended sustainable value that meets the economic, social and environmental needs of society. The integration of sustainability in the sustainable business model of the start-up allowed to achieve the research objective of designing a sustainable value proposition that meets the economic, social and environmental needs of society.