International Journal Bioautomation (Jun 2016)

Detection Algorithm of a Heat-transfer System Based on Pennes Bio-heat Transfer Formula Processing

  • Wenju Ji,
  • Jianwen Wang

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 20, no. 2
pp. 227 – 236


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Biological experiments and clinical trials indicate that low temperature treatment technology is of great significance to the treatment of craniocerebral injury by protecting the brain nerves and reducing its sequela. However, the major challenge at present is how to appropriately control the degree and timing sequence of hypothermia in treating craniocerebral injury in order to meet the requirement of protecting the brain and reducing the side effects. By establishing a mathematical model of craniocerebral heat transfer, this paper theoretically studies the forecast of temperature distribution of the brain and the selective refrigeration control. Furthermore, this study provides guidance for practical clinical treatment by researching the rules of hypothermia and warming in different parts of the brain.