Xiehe Yixue Zazhi (Mar 2024)

Reflections on Developing Health Standards Based on Evidence-based Concept

  • SU Renfeng,
  • LIU Hui,
  • SHI Qianling,
  • LUO Xufei,
  • YANG Nan,
  • ZHAO Junxian,
  • TIAN Qiannan,
  • ZHANG Juanjuan,
  • WU Liqun,
  • CHEN Yaolong

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 15, no. 2
pp. 435 – 441


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National health standards involve all kinds of technical requirements formulated and numbered in accordance with the procedures and formats stipulated in the standardisation system for the implementation of national health and hygiene laws, regulations and policies, and the protection of human health. The establishment of health standards in China should align with our legal framework, including laws, regulations, departmental rules, and health and hygiene policies. During the development of these standards, a comprehensive approach is advocated, encompassing in-depth investigations, rigorous demonstrations, and extensive stakeholder engagement. However, the process of standard formulation may suffer from insufficient research evidence. The evidence-based concept emphasizes the significance of evidence. Therefore, integrating evidence-based concept into the process of developing health standards can enhance the quality and scientific basis of these standards. This article systematically elucidates the current status and development process of health standards in China, explores the necessity and feasibility of incorporating evidence-based concept into the development of these standards, analyzes the challenges and opportunities, and presents reflections and suggestions.