IEEE Access (2020-01-01)

Spatiotemporal Scenario Generation of Traffic Flow Based on LSTM-GAN

  • Chao Wu,
  • Lei Chen,
  • Guibin Wang,
  • Songjian Chai,
  • Hui Jiang,
  • Jianchun Peng,
  • Zhouzhenyan Hong

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 8
pp. 186191 – 186198


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In recent years, a surging development of vehicles and continuous enhancement of transportation infrastructures have been witnessed worldwide, leading to a remarkable growing of traffic flow data. The traffic data is highly valuable in today's society, accurate modelling of traffic flow for the concerned areas can significantly benefit the government agencies, related commercial departments and individuals. Specifically, road users are allowed to make better traveling decisions, avoid traffic congestion, reduce carbon emissions and improve traffic operation efficiency. In order to estimate the possible traffic flow scenarios within a specific area for multiple horizons, we propose a scenario generation model based on sequential generative adversarial networks (LSTM-GAN) where the long short term memory (LSTM) network is incorporated to capture the temporal dynamics involved in traffic flows. Through game training, the spatiotemporal scenarios of traffic flow in line with the characteristics of observed road network traffic flow can be well generated. These traffic scenarios can be applied in the design and planning of road traffic system, as well as in the virtual training cases of intelligent driving.