CERN IdeaSquare Journal of Experimental Innovation (Nov 2022)

Investigation on the future of work: the impact of innovative strategies in a post pandemic scenario

  • Marco Puliti,
  • Elena Di Giusto,
  • Viola Papetti,
  • Federica Montana



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In the following research work, an experiment of guided innovation is presented. The context is the Innovation for Change (I4C) program, in which a group of students, either PhDs or MBAs, are asked to solve a challenge provided by a stakeholder. The problem is “the future of work” in the context of a post pandemic scenario, with a focus on how to manage spaces remained empty due to remote working. The solution obtained is the consequence of a combination of brainstorming sessions, problem definition, benchmarking and interviewing stakeholders, experimental validation and prototyping. The outcome is a platform, B-Hub, which exploits empty locations to create a network of decentralised co-working spaces in which employees from every company can remotely work.