Studies on neotropical Phasmatodea XXII: Two new species of Taraxippus (Phasmatodea: Cladomorphinae: Hesperophasmatini) and the first record of the genus from Central America

Journal of Orthoptera Research. 2020;29(1):101-114 DOI 10.3897/jor.29.51328


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Journal Title: Journal of Orthoptera Research

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Oskar V. Conle (Unaffiliated)

Frank H. Hennemann (Unaffiliated)

Pablo Valero (Unaffilaited)


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Two new species of Taraxippus Moxey, 1971 are described and illustrated: T. samarae sp. nov. from Costa Rica and Panama and T. perezgelaberti sp. nov. from the Dominican Republic. Both sexes and the previously unknown eggs are described. The genus is recorded from Central America for the first time. A distribution map and a discussion of the distributional pattern of Taraxippus are provided.