Ribogospodarsʹka Nauka Ukraïni (Mar 2019)

Oligochaetes (Oligochaeta): dero furcata, sludge worm, Enchytraeus albidus and grindal worms as valuable food objects in fish farming (review)

  • N. Kolesnyk,
  • M. Simon,
  • O. Marenkov,
  • O. Nesterenko,
  • N. Tushnytska

Journal volume & issue
no. 1(47)
pp. 28 – 47


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Purpose. To analyze literature sources and summarize the obtained information on the vermiculture of such species of the subclass of Oligochaeta worms as: aulophorus (Dero furcata), sludge worm (Tubifex tubifex), potworm (Enchytraeus albidus), grindal worm (Enchytraeus buchhoizi). To present the achievements in modern biotechnology of these species. To examine the features of their cultivation using various methods, as well as the possibilities and prospects of their use as feed objects in aquaculture. Findings. This work contains brief information on the biology of four most common in Europe species of Oligachaetes subclass and their rational use in fish farming. The article provides recommendations on the specifics of purchasing and collecting the stock cultures from natural conditions, the best methods of their further cultivation, depending on the needs of farms, the basic requirements for the substrate and feeds. The data on the effective feeding of fish with these worms, as well as the technology of storage of the obtained biomass are presented. A review of scientific papers showed that the above-mentioned species can be used as high-protein additives to the main feed and during the pre-spawning period, given their high caloric content. In fact, the latter indicator and poor mineral composition makes it impossible to feed fish with them on a regular basis. Practical significance. An array of generalized information will be useful for scientists who are exploring the ways to optimize fish feeding. The presented technology of cultivation of Dero furcata, sludge worm, potworm and Grindal worms can be implemented in fish farms of various industrial capacities as well as in aquarium conditions.