EPJ Web of Conferences (2016-01-01)

Partial wave analysis of ππ scattering below 2 GeV

  • Nazari V.,
  • Bydžovský P.,
  • Kamiński R.

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 130
p. 07016


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All resonances included in multi-channel D (ππ, 4π, K K̄ and ηη) and F (ππ, 4π, ωπ and K K̄) waves are analyzed. Results of the analysis are based on a set of well determined ππ scattering amplitudes for S - F waves in a unitary multi-channel approach. The amplitudes are refined and re-fitted to the dispersion relations up to 1.1 GeV, and to the experimental data in the effective two pion mass from the threshold to 2.7 GeV and 1.9 GeV for D and F waves, respectively.