From the history of Peoples Republic of Tuva and Peoples Republic of Mongolia mutual relations: the issue of returning "the part of Tuvan people”

Novye Issledovaniâ Tuvy. 2015;0(3)


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Journal Title: Novye Issledovaniâ Tuvy

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Publisher: Novye Issledovaniâ Tuvy

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Ivanna V. Otroshenko (Институт востоковедения им. А. Крымского Национальной академии наук Украины)


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Article is an attempt to analyze the attempts of Tuvan politicians in the Peoples Republic of Tuva in raising the issue of returning the Mongolian Tuvans to the land of ancestors. Article reveals the unknown and obscure facts from the history of bilateral relations of Tuva and Mongolia in early 20th century.