Akofena (Jun 2024)

Unveiling Arabs Representations in Travel Literature: an Analysis of Nobuaki Notohara’s Arabs from a Japanese Perspective

  • Souhila LAOUAR

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 05, no. 012


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Abstract: Self-knowledge can be attained only through the “Other” along with an endless physical as well as spiritual journey. That journey paves the way for the Self and the Other to meet and co-live so that the former becomes an image of the latter. Nobuaki Notohara has witnessed such an experience. It was through his forty-year journey of exploration, observation and examination, after being encountered to various experiments, that made him record his impressions in the form of images, most of which were offensive ones of repression, bullying, bribery, lack of trust and government domination over people. Hence, this research offers an in-depth thematic analysis of “Arabs from a Japanese Perspective” aiming to unveil the Arabs representations in Travel Literature and shedding the light on the above images depicted by Nobuaki. Keywords: travel literature, image, journey, self, other.