Acta Polytechnica (Jan 2005)

Intelligent Data Storage and Retrieval for Design Optimisation – an Overview

  • C. Peebles,
  • C. Bil,
  • L. Drack

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 45, no. 4


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This paper documents the findings of a literature review conducted by the Sir Lawrence Wackett Centre for Aerospace Design Technology at RMIT University. The review investigates aspects of a proposed system for intelligent design optimisation. Such a system would be capable of efficiently storing (and compressing if required) a range of types of design data into an intelligent database. This database would be accessed by the system during subsequent design processes, allowing for search of relevant design data for re-use in later designs, allowing it to become very efficient in reducing the time for later designs as the database grows in size. Extensive research has been performed, in both theoretical aspects of the project, and practical examples of current similar systems. This research covers the areas of database systems, database queries, representation and compression of design data, geometric representation and heuristic methods for design applications.