A Short Discussion of Crisis Management – Practical Experience with the 2006 Electoral Campaign in the Czech Republic

Central European Political Studies Review. 2007;9(2–3):139-150


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Journal Title: Central European Political Studies Review

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Society/Institution: International Institute of Political Science

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Country of publisher: Czech Republic

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Tomáš Zdechovský


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The rival candidate – directly or through a “third person” – attacks, parodies or mocks the rival and his or her services, trying to persuade voters of the exclusivity of his or her own products. Negative campaigns fabricate situations which have not occurred, pointing out the weaknesses of the rival and trying to draw voters’ attention to them. During the Senate campaign in autumn 2006 for constituency No. 44, Chrudim, Petr Pithart had to face repeated media attacks (in Chrudimský deník) by Chrudim businessman Ivan Hoffmann. What can be learned from Pithart’s defense.