Bìznes Inform (Sep 2015)

Ukraine in the International Rankings of Investment Attractiveness: an Analysis of the Views of Global Agencies and Organizations

  • Shuba Maryna V


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The article is aimed at determination of the Ukraine's positions in the most prominent global investment and credit rankings. The article considers the estimations of Ukraine by the Index of investment attractiveness, carried out by the European Business Association, by the Index of economic freedom, the rating of investment attractiveness by the International Business Compass, Doing Business rating, credit ratings by the agencies S&P, Moody's and Fitch. The positive characteristics as to the investment climate in Ukraine have been summarized. To establish a relationship between the economic growth of Ukraine and inflows of the foreign direct investment, a coefficient of steamy correlation between GDP and the foreign direct investment in Ukraine has been calculated. The result of the calculation is indicative of the close relationship and a direct linear dependence between these indicators.