Novye Issledovaniâ Tuvy (2018-12-01)

Cultural spaces through the prism of unity and diversity: on the outcomes of 4th Central Asian readings

  • Zoya Yu. Dorzhu,
  • Yurii V. Popkov,
  • Alena A. Storozhenko

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 0, no. 4


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The article summarizes the outcomes of International research and practical conference “4th Readings in Central Asian history: Cultural spaces through the prism of unity and diversity”, which took place on September 20-23, 2018 at Tuvan State University, city of Kyzyl (Republic of Tyva, Russian Federation). The aim of the conference was to study and analyze, from the perspective of the sociocultural approach, the results of theoretical and empirical studies of the socio-economic, political, ethno-social and ethno-cultural development of the specific areas within the Central Asian macro-region in terms of history and modernity. The conference focused on the problems of development of Tuva, adjacent regions and their peoples. The conference papers were presented at 4 problem-focused sections: ‘Ethnotransformational processes in Central Asia’; ‘Socio-political spaces of Central Asia‘; ‘Historical and cultural spaces of Central Asia’; ‘Confessional spaces of Central Asia’, and also at the international seminar ‘Ethnosocial processes in Siberia: ethno-culture and economy’, and panel discussion ‘Ethnic policy of the state on the federal level and in the Siberian Federal region’. The review below reflects upon the most significant ideas advanced in the most interesting papers. The reviewers conclude that the Readings in Central Asian history have become an important event for Tuvan studies, both in its scholarly aspect and with regard to its social mission