Libraries, Archives, Museums 2017;6(1):361-369 DOI 10.6092/issn.2283-9364/7041


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Alfredo Serrai


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During the ancient period, Libraries, Archives and Museums had the same name, because they were the home of the Muses, but over the centuries, the three institutions have diversified. The museums display individual specimens; libraries and archives predominantly preserve and offer library objects and documents. While the manuscripts are kept, generally, in individual pieces, the books, after the invention of printing, exist in multiple copies, but there is no general bibliographic map to find specificity, duplication, or deficiencies. The digitization of works and editions of the past aggravates the problems of organization and bibliographic mapping, because it provides the sources of consultation and indexing, but ignores the imposing mass of written materials that represented the documentary basin of different ages, and who they are scattered in towns and historic European libraries.