Antarctic Record (Nov 1993)

Report of the 1992 geomagnetic conjugate campaign and the present observation system in Iceland

  • Ken-ichi Kato,
  • Takayuki Ono,
  • Manabu Kunitake,
  • Natsuo Sato,
  • Thorestein Saemundsson

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 37, no. 3
pp. 348 – 363


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The present paper describes the observation system and the maintenance work which the authors performed during the conjugate aurora observation period, from September 1 to October 5,1992. The observation program consisted of observation of visible auroras with an all-sky SIT TV camera, aurora emission (670.5nm and 844.6nm) intensity measurements with a multi channel scanning photometer and ionosphere electron density measurement with a TECmeter that used radio waves transmitted from GPS and NNSS satellites. For the present observation program in 1993,new observation systems have been additionaly facilliated with the all-sky TV, scanning photometer and TECmeter. Maintenance work was performed on the continuous observation system. The main work was to rebuild a VLF antenna, to change induction magnetometer sensors and to remove a fluxgate magnetometer sensor. It is noted that continuous observation systems present several problems including superanuation and difficulty in obtaining spare parts.