Applied Computer Systems (May 2021)

Expert Survey on Current Trends in Agile, Disciplined and Hybrid Practices for Software Development

  • Ņikiforova Oksana,
  • Babris Kristaps,
  • Madelāne Linda

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 26, no. 1
pp. 38 – 43


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Every software development company makes software development based on a specific approach. There are a number of approaches to software development, both disciplined and agile. Each approach includes a set of different activities. Sometimes, the specific nature of a company’s work requires a specific approach, but the need to make work more efficient, faster and better requires implementing activities of other approaches. Then hybrid software development approaches come in. The paper presents an expert survey to examine the most important software development activities, the combinations of development approaches that are used in software development processes and the way of upgrading existing approaches. The evaluated activities of software development process are classified according to their nature – whether they correspond with a team, organisation, documentation, development, and testing. The conclusions are also made on the practices that are required most – disciplined, Agile or hybrid.