Nordisk Østforum (Dec 2016)

Russiske energiressurser i Arktis: økonomi og politikk

  • Ann Karin Larssen

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 30, no. 4
pp. 1 – 22


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Abstract: Russian Energy Resources in the Arctic: Economy and PolicyThis article examines the economic and political importance of Russia's energy resources. Economic dependence is confirmed, but political decisions made since the turn of this century have made Russia less vulnerable to outside economic and political pressures. Due to the sharp fall in oil prices, and recent international sanctions, the authorities will give priority to enhanced oil recovery from older fields in Western Siberia and the opening of new fields in the area, with Russia remaining onshore in the Arctic. Finally, as to military and economic relations between Russia and Norway in the Arctic, the article finds that military tensions are increasing, while pragmatism prevails in economic relations.