Colloquia Theologica Ottoniana (Jan 2014)

Ekologia osoby. Relacyjno-społeczne aspekty funkcjonowania dorosłych dzieci lesbijek i gejów

  • Ewa Jackowska

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 2


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The main content of the article is centered around the presentation of the research work of M. Regnerus published in 2012, aimed to recognize the social dimension of relational functioning adults who had developmental age were under the care of persons living in same sex relationships. An attempt to research were young adults between the ages of 18–39 years. The sample comprised a representative sample of respondents of young adults. The article shows basic statistical differences between experimental groups (children of lesbian mothers and gay fathers) and control group (children raised in heterosexual parent families by parents living in a stable relationship). Comparisons included the following socio-economic position, the current situation of familyties with the family home, sexual identity. Statistically signifi cant differences between experimental groups and the control group occurred in the 25 to 40 (63%) of variables (group of respondents raised by mothers lesbians) and 11 (28%) of respondents raised by gays. All of these differences showed a better development indicators of young adults raised in heterosexual families. Discussed findings are not consistent with the research, which refers to the statement of the 2004 American Psychological Association (APA), demanding the right to adopt children to same-sex unions. The causes of this discrepancy are discussed in detail in the next part of the study. Among other things, the author notes that the research included in the APA report relate to certain stretches of mental life of the children, raised by their mothers lesbians and fathers gay. Issues of gender identity and sexual orientation have not been thoroughly analyzed. Not been studied at all higher control mechanisms and the integration of behavior (personality coherence, system of values, attitudes towards family life, etc.), the quality of which is of particular importance to mental health unit. The conclusions requested, inter alia, that the compounds partner of the same sex have always existed and are not a phenomenon of our times. Some of them, regardless of the letter of the law will hold the child care represent a major challenge for health professionals, NGOs, educational psychotherapy, as well as justice.