HTS Teologiese Studies/Theological Studies (Oct 2003)

Die soeke na die betekenis van Q: Inleidende opmerkings oor die geskiedenis van Q-navorsing

  • Gerhard Nel

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 59, no. 2
pp. 475 – 487


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In search of the meaning of Q: Introductory remarks on the history of Q research According to the two source-theory, large parts of the material in Matthew and Luke which show conformity and which are not found in Mark, point to the existence of a source which comprises sayings of Jesus and reminds one of the typical wisdom material in the Old Testament. In this paper a few introductory remarks are made on the history of the research done in respect of this source, known as Q. The questions regarding the actual existence and origin of Q are briefly discussed in the first part of the paper. Four aspects of Q research are addressed: Q is a document which shows its own integrity; the distinction between tradition and redaction in Q; stratifications and phases in the development of Q; the wisdom character of the material in Q.