Stem Cell Research & Therapy (2020-01-01)

Systemic conditioned medium treatment from interleukin-1 primed mesenchymal stem cells promotes recovery after stroke

  • Catriona J. Cunningham,
  • Raymond Wong,
  • Jack Barrington,
  • Sabrina Tamburrano,
  • Emmanuel Pinteaux,
  • Stuart M. Allan

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 11, no. 1
pp. 1 – 12


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Abstract Background Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) hold great potential as a therapy for stroke and have previously been shown to promote recovery in preclinical models of cerebral ischaemia. MSCs secrete a wide range of growth factors, chemokines, cytokines and extracellular vesicles—collectively termed the secretome. In this study, we assessed for the first time the efficacy of the IL-1α-primed MSC-derived secretome on brain injury and functional recovery after cerebral ischaemia. Methods Stroke was induced in male C57BL/6 mice using the intraluminal filament model of middle cerebral artery occlusion. Conditioned medium from IL-1α-primed MSCs or vehicle was administered at the time of reperfusion or at 24 h post-stroke by subcutaneous injection. Results IL-1α-primed MSC-derived conditioned medium treatment at the time of stroke led to a ~ 30% reduction in lesion volume at 48 h and was associated with modest improvements in body mass gain, 28-point neurological score and nest building. Administration of MSC-derived conditioned medium at 24 h post-stroke led to improved nest building and neurological score despite no observed differences in lesion volume at day 2 post-stroke. Conclusions Our results show for the first time that the administration of conditioned medium from IL-1α-primed MSCs leads to improvements in behavioural outcomes independently of neuroprotection.