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Results of atmospheric-lithospheric observations of acoustic radiation in Kamchatka

  • Larionov Igor,
  • Marapulets Yuriy,
  • Mishchenko Mikhail

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 127
p. 02023


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Simultaneous atomspheric-lithospheric acoustic observations have been carried out during autumn-spring periods of 2017-2019 in Kamchatka at “Karymshina” observation site located in the zone of different-rank tectonic faults. A laser strainmeter-interferometer, a seismoacoustic receiver and a microbarometer were installed to realize the observations. It was detected that during deformation disturbances, geoacoustic signals are generated in rocks with relative deformations of 10-5 – 10-7 at the place of recording. These signals pass the Earth-atmosphere boundary and are recorded in the air by the ground surface.